What happened on July 10?

The Board revised the County's special tax on cannabis businesses (Measure B) that is set for the November 6, 2018, ballot. The tax revenues generated by the tax if approved will go to support early childhood education, literacy, drug prevention, and other programs for children and youth as follows: 30% in year 1 and increasing to 50% by year 5. The remaining revenue will be spent on public health, public safety, and enforcement of cannabis laws.

The Board took the first step toward adopting three new cannabis related ordinances:

The Board directed staff to amend the County's Title 9 Development Title to include commercial cannabis businesses pursuant to the Title 4 ordinance after that ordinance is adopted. The Title 9 Development Title serves as the basis for all land use regulations adopted by the County. The amendments to Title 9, as directed, will include the creation of licensed commercial cannabis businesses as permitted uses in the zones and locations included in the Title 4 ordinance, the implementation of the discretionary Use Permit and Special Purpose Plan requirements included in the Title 4 ordinance, and other amendments as required to implement the Title 4 requirements into Title 9.

What happens next?

The Board will agendize three cannabis ordinances for final adoption on August 7, 2018.

Existing Cannabis Ordinances